Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Picture the Dead by Lisa Brown

Jennie receives word that her fiance Will died honorably in battle during the Civil War. Although he is gone, Jennie senses that Will's spirit might still be around and trying to communicate with her. When Will's brother Quinn comes home he seems withdrawn and he hints that Will might not have been as honorable as everyone thinks. Disturbed by his comments, Jennie faces even more problems from her aunt who is slowly shutting Jennie out of the house and treating her as a servant now that Will is gone. When Quinn makes it clear that he is interested in Jennie himself her sense that Will is trying to communicate with her becomes even stronger and she is even led to some places that were important to her and Will. Is Will trying to harm or protect her? This is an unusual ghost story in that there are many pictures in the book, all supposedly taken from Jennie's scrapbook. The mystery of what is going on with Will, Quinn and Jennie kept me guessing until the end.

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