Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pie by Sarah Weeks

Alice's beloved Aunt Polly makes the best pies in the world. She has won the prestigious Blueberry award for 13 consecutive years. Alice spends as much as possible working in her aunt's pie shop along with Polly's cranky cat Lardo. When Polly dies suddenly everyone is grief-stricken, but also curious about who will inherit Polly's secret pie crust recipe. At the reading of the will it is revealed that the recipe is to go to Lardo and that Alice will inherit her aunt's cat. Suddenly everyone in town is struck by a desire to bake pies in order to try to win the Blueberry but someone is trying to win it by finding the secret recipe. When Lardo goes missing from her house, Alice has to use all of her detective skills to figure out who would want the disagreeable cat and how he can possibly have the crust recipe. This is a quick read but very much on the light side. The revelation about where the crust recipe actually is was a surprise to me, however.

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