Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement Moore

Amy Goodnight comes from a family of witches but she prides herself on being the normal one in the bunch. She has worked hard to downplay the family's weirdness and ignores any paranormal tendencies she might have herself. While she and her sister Phin are housesitting for their aunt the girls hear about the local mystery of the "Mad Monk", a ghost who is supposedly hurting people to keep them away from his treasure. Amy wants nothing to do with the ghost but finds that she can't stay uninvolved when the ghost visits her in her bedroom and asks her to find him. Only wanting to stop her own haunting Amy begins working with a group of college students who are excavating some remains nearby the farm. As the number of skeletons grows so do Amy's feelings of dread both that she will never get rid of the ghost haunting her and that she can't ignore her Goodnight tendencies anymore. She is further troubled by handsome, brooding Ben who runs the neighboring ranch. Although she finds him annoying, she can't keep her mind off of him... This is a fun romance with lots of scary bits as well. Amy's family is eccentric and perfectly at ease with themselves so they provide lots of interesting secondary characters and events. The unusual setting makes for something new in the world of paranormal romance. Really fun and a good page-turner as well!

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