Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alice in Time by Penelope Bush

14-year-old Alice feels that she has a terrible life. She lives with her mom whom she blames for her parents' divorce seven years before. She fights almost constantly with her mom and is scheming to move in with her dad now that he has remarried. She also has a crush on the new cute boy at school but doesn't know what to do when she finds out his sister is the girl who constantly picks on Alice. The icing on the cake comes when Alice's best - and only - friend tells her that she wants to attend a private art school next year. After being humiliated at a party Alice goes to a local park and twirls around and around on the merry go round until she is thrown off. When she wakes up she finds that she is her seven-year-old self again. Her parents are still married and she is still best friends with the girl who torments her as a teen. With this opportunity to affect her future, Alice makes a list of the things she wants to change including saving her parents' marriage, keeping her cat from being killed, turning the tables on the girl who picks on her later, and doing what she can to keep her grandmother from getting sick. But Alice finds that changing the future isn't as easy as she thinks and that the circumstances of her life aren't exactly as she has remembered. I thought it took too long to get to the point where Alice travels back to being seven but once there the book was intriguing. Some of Alice's revelations were obvious to me but mabye that's part of the fun since we can see things that she can't. And isn't that probably the truth in our own lives - that we "remember" the past as we want to see it, not necessarily as it actually was?

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