Monday, December 12, 2011

Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur

Elise and Franklin have been best friends their entire lives. They spend their time playing Knights, making ice cream with Elise's aunt Bessie, building things with her uncle, and investigating life under Franklin's microscope. When the two friends start 6th grade, however, Elise quickly learns that "playing" is something only babies do and that she doesn't fit in with a middle school crowd. Bullied mercilessly by her locker mate and unable to get help from a teacher, Elise falls behind in school and begins distancing herself from Franklin. On her 12th birthday she finds a key with her name on it that opens one of eight locked doors in her uncle's barn/workshop. What she finds is a room left for her by her father with an important message about living her life. Now, she just needs to find the other seven keys... This is a smallish but touching book about friendship, coming to terms with who you are and making choices that might affect the rest of your life. I liked it when I was finished, but I'm finding that I like it even more the more I reflect upon it.

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