Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fantasy Baseball by Alan Gratz

Alex believes he must be dreaming when he finds himself playing baseball with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. His team includes a flying monkey, a tin man and a scarecrow, among others. Although Alex is sure it's all a dream, Dorothy tells him that he is a Lark - the daydream of a real person who wishes he was a great baseball player. Whatever he is, Alex becomes the star of the Cyclones helping them win against teams filled with many other storybook characters. He runs into trouble, however, when he humiliates the Big Bad Wolf in front of a stadium full of onlookers. With a price on his head and a growing sense that Dorothy might be right and that his time with the Cyclones is limited, Alex has to find a way to save himself and convince his team that they are as good as anyone else. An interesting book about being "real" no matter who you are. I gave it to a friend who is a huge baseball fan to get her opinion since I'm not into sports books but I haven't heard from her yet...

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