Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fetching by Kiera Stewart

Olivia and her friends are constantly made fun of by the popular kids at school. Most recently, Olivia was humiliated when they put ketchup on her pants making it appear that she had an accident. After being forced to wear horrible granny pants given to her by the school nurse, Olivia resolves to find a way to stop the bullying. Seeing how well some techniques work on the dogs she helps to train, Olivia decides to try the same techniques on her classmates. She and her friends begin acting like alpha dogs, ignoring bad behavior, distracting their bullies, and rewarding good behavior. Before long they begin to see some results and are soon surrounded by more friends than they could have ever imagined. Even the biggest bully, Brynne, seems to be coming around, especially after they train her friends to ignore her. Although everything seems to be going her way Olivia finds that she is not as happy as she had thought she would be. I love the premise of this book and enjoyed it overall but I wish that Olivia and her friends had jumpstarted their training techniques just a little earlier into the book. I was also sad that Olivia had such a falling out with her close friends because I imagined that they would never be able to completely get over that. But that's probably just me.

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