Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Miller Haines

Iris and her private eye father have just moved into a house in a much poorer section of New York than where they lived before. Her pop has just returned from World War II with an amputated leg which is making his detective work more difficult. Iris misses her privileged life and private school uptown and finds that she is an outsider at her new school. When the only boy who was nice to her goes missing, his parents hire her dad to find him. Iris decides to start her own investigation at school and soon finds herself making friends with the cool group, sneaking looks at school records and dancing the night away at the Savoy. The more she discovers, the less sure Iris is about who to trust, including her best friend from her former life. This is a great, realistic mystery with lots of shady characters. I enjoyed the historical setting but I think that some of the lingo of that time period might be confusing for teen readers. I especially liked the character of Suze and the nastiness of someone she thought was a friend (but I can't say who since that would give away too much!)

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