Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grave Robber's Secret by Anna Myers

Robby is horrified when his alcoholic father forces him to take a dead body from its grave but he is fascinated by the doctor who uses it to learn more about treating people. Robby vows never to grave rob again and luckily, he doesn't have to when a man and his daughter come to rent two rooms from Robby's family. Robby is unsure of what to make of their new renter, Mr. Burke. He is kind and loving towards his daughter Martha but deliberately trips Robby with his cane. And although he has lots of money, he won't talk about what he does for a living. He also seems to have a mysterious hold over Robby's father. Robby tries to put everything out of his mind and focus on his new job working at the hospital helping out the doctors there, but when he hears his father and Mr. Burke bringing someone into the house late at night he has to investigate. He finds that they are up to something worse than he had imagined. This book was all over the place and the crimes of the two fathers seemed unrealistic as well as the results of the trials. Just blah.

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