Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Me & Jack by Danette Haworth

Joshua moves a lot since his dad is an Air Force recruiter. When they move into their new home his dad surprises him by letting Joshua adopt a dog from the pound. Joshua feels an immediate bond with an odd-looking, large red dog with pointed ears. After deciding to name his new dog Jack, Joshua sets out to meet some new people. While wandering around town with Jack he meets Ray and Prater. Ray takes a liking to Jack but Prater is immediately mean to both Joshua and his dog. When some trash cans are knocked over and some small animals are killed, people in town begin to believe that Jack is the culprit. Joshua feels certain that his dog couldn't be to blame and is determined to find out what's really happening. Joshua's dad is facing problems of his own since he is recruiting boys to serve in the military and many people don't support the Vietnam war. This book kept me interested throughout but when I finished it I sort of felt "blah" about it. I think that the bulk of the book was better than the somewhat quick resolution.

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