Monday, December 12, 2011

Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

Marie Clare lives on a farm in Canada during World War II. When she begins to feel run down she is surprised to learn that she has developed tuberculosis, along with her younger brother and sister. The three are sent to a nearby sanatorium where they can try to get well. Marie Clare is separated from her siblings but makes a new friend in Signy, who has been chasing the cure for years but still seems frail. Together, they endure treatments such as having their lungs collapsed, ribs removed and spending all night outside in the below zero air. Despite her difficulties and a horrible tragedy, Marie Clare learns that her life still goes on and that it might even lead to love in an unexpected place. This book was fine but it didn't move me much although historical fiction is often not my thing. Unlike other historical fiction pieces, however, this one told its story without blatantly teaching you a lesson. The story was the main focus with a background of the TB sanatoriums and the treatments that were actually employed at the time.

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