Monday, December 19, 2011

Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Audie is a puppy rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Although 40 dogs were rescued from the fighting ring, they still faced struggles. Most of them were scheduled to be euthanized because people believed that they would be too dangerous to ever be pets. But after a pit bull rescue group stepped in the dogs were tested and all but one of them was able to be rehabilitated. Audie is one of the dogs who was saved. This is his story from his life at the dog fighting kennels to his new life with the family who loves him. I liked the book and am, of course, thrilled that Audie is doing so well but the overall story seemed a bit slight to me. I wanted more details and lots more bashing of Michael Vick!

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