Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

Liam is onboard the Titanic minutes before it will sink to the bottom of the Atlantic when a strange man appears out of nowhere and offers him a chance to live by becoming a TimeRider. Liam accepts and becomes part of a team with Maddy and Sal, two other people rescued from untimely deaths. Since time travel has been successfully invented the TimeRiders are tasked with keeping history intact from people who would try to change the past. The three teens are given the job of living the same two days over and over again while watching out for changes. They are joined by Bob, a robot in a human body. When the team notices a slight change Liam and Bob travel back in time to investigate and find themselves trapped there. Meanwhile, the future becomes worse and worse as changes are made by the man who has sent himself back for exactly that purpose. I really enjoyed this book! It had a lot of depth for a light read. And while time travel stories can be confusing, this one did a nice job of keeping things pretty clear. The change in motivations seemed believable and the horror of the resulting future was palpable. I highly recommend it for something fun but not meaningless.

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