Friday, January 27, 2012

Dancing Home by Alma Flor Ada

After years of work Margie has finally convinced the kids at school that she is 100% American even though her parents are from Mexico. Much of the teasing she has managed to end comes back, however, when her cousin Lupe comes from Mexico to live with Margie's family. Margie is embarrassed by Lupe and tries to distance herself as much as possible. She's very relieved when Lupe is finally transferred into the ESL class. But as time goes on she comes to see that Lupe is not that different from herself. And a new friend makes Margie think twice about her rabid desire to divorce herself from her heritage. I was not impressed with this story. Although I believe that the feelings Margie has are realistic, the overall book seemed to be more about teaching a lesson about embracing your heritage rather than just telling a good story.

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