Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flawless by Lara Chapman

Sara is beautiful in every way except for her exceptionally large nose. Her mother is constantly after Sara to get a nose job but she has been resisting that advice because she feels comfortable with herself as she is. When gorgeous new student Rock starts at school Sara finds herself as drawn to him as every other girl in school. What's more, Rock is smart and loves literature and journalism as much as Sara does. He seems perfect for Sara, until her best friend Kristen decides she's interested in Rock as well. Kristen has always stood up for Sara when she has been teased by others and Sara refuses to let a boy cause problems in their friendship. So when Kristen asks Sara to write Rock notes for her and to pretend to be her on Facebook when Rock wants to chat, Sara agrees to help out. Soon, she finds herself falling in love with Rock while he dates Kristen, never knowing that the words he loves are coming from Sara. This modern take on Cyrano is just right for a middle school audience. It's fun, but I got a little annoyed by all of Sara's back and forth about betraying her friend. It seemed that she had to re-decide to be loyal to Kristen in almost every chapter. Also, I was prepared to hate her mother since she is presented as pressuring Sara into rhinoplasty in the first chapter. But throughout the rest of the book she is shown to be concerned about Sara and it appears they have a close relationship. Still, this should appeal to teen girls looking for a "love conquers all" story.

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