Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend is another dystopian novel set in (what I assume) is the United States after something big has happened. The story is told by the two main characters in alternating chapters. June is a prodigy who received a perfect score on her Trial. She is part of the elite of the country who have money, food, electricity, and vaccinations against the plague that seems to constantly affect the rest of the country. After June's brother Metias is killed, his commander takes June out of school and fast tracks her to an upper level position in the military. Her first task is to track down Day, a boy who works for the resistance and is the person who is accused of murdering Metias. Working undercover, June spends several days on the streets with Day and is surprised to find that he is not the person she had imagined. And when she reads through Metias' journals, she finds even more secrets that make her question who she can trust. I think this title will be popular and it is definitely one I'd suggest for those who want more like The Hunger Games. But while it is fast-paced, I guess I'm feeling burned out on the dystopias because it only seemed so-so to me. However, it has some unique parts and it is well-written so if you like that type of story, give this one a try.

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