Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody

Brooklyn has a long history of making bad decisions starting with the time she fell down a well as a toddler. After her most recent plan ended with a house burning to the ground, it is clear to Brooklyn that she is decision-challenged. Facing months of community service, parental disappointment and life at school as an outcast after her best friend abandons her, Brooklyn starts a blog asking readers to make all her decisions for her. Whenever she is faced with a decision she posts it and has her followers vote on the best course of action. Soon she is trying out for rugby, joining the debate team and turning down dates with the new school hottie. This is a fast-paced, fun story. I really enjoyed it while I was reading it but found there were a couple of holes upon reflection. Still, it's obviously meant to be light and all ends well so I wasn't too bothered by the few problems. If you're looking for something light, this is a good choice.

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