Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Rory has just moved from Louisiana to an exclusive London boarding school. Within days of her arrival the city is on edge after two murders are committed that mimic the crimes of Jack the Ripper, even taking place on the same days. Even though the dates and approximate locations of the upcoming murders are known, no one is able to catch the new Ripper. Even the cameras located around London haven't been able to capture his image. When another murder takes place on school grounds it seems the Rory might be the only person in London who has actually seen the killer. But how can that be when her roommate was right next to her during the encounter? Something more than a copycat spree is happening and Rory's abilities have placed her squarely in the killer's path. This is an exciting and creepy mystery with a surprise twist at the very end. Thinking about a copycat Ripper was a bit disturbing for me which indicates that Johnson did a good job of capturing the atmosphere. Her description of the frenzy surrounding the killer seems like it would also be accurate, unfortunately.

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