Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wildwood by Colin Meloy

After Prue's baby brother is stolen by a murder of crows she knows she has to get him back. She follows the birds and sees them go into the Impassable Wilderness, an area right in the center of Portland where no one ever goes. Prue takes some provisions with her and sets off on her adventure but before she gets very far she realizes that she is being followed by Curtis, a boy from school. Together, the two find that the I.W. is not as abandoned as they had been told. They soon encounter a platoon of talking coyote soldiers and are separated when Curtis is captured. From there, Prue meets many of the strange denizens of the I.W. as she continues trying to retrieve her brother, while Curtis joins forces with a group of bandits fighting against an incredibly evil woman who is intent of destroying Wildwood once and for all. This fantasy contains all the elements of an epic adventure - a quest, good vs. evil, talking animals, a witch, and some previously unknown magical powers. Although the book has quite a bit of action the story was way too long for me and the characters didn't grab me much (except for Owl Rex, whom I loved). The language is advanced for most middle schoolers.

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