Friday, February 24, 2012

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

At age 18 everyone receives a cure for love, the worst disease to ever infect people. Lena can't wait until she receives her operation, especially since her mother committed suicide after she couldn't be cured of her love for Lena's dead father. As Lena counts down the days until her cure she is shocked when her best friend begins breaking rules and courting disaster by attending parties with boys and listening to unapproved music. Then Lena meets Alex, a man who shows an unusual amount of interest in her since he bears the scars of someone who has been cured of the deliria. As Lena and Alex become closer she finds that some things she has been told all her life might not be right and she begins to question just how dangerous love actually is. Although this is another dystopia, it is better written and more interesting than many of the slew of these types of stories out there now. Even though I anticipated the ending, I enjoyed the twist contained there and I think teens will like it as well. A bit long for me throughout when I knew what was coming and in having Lena figure things out, but enjoyable otherwise.

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