Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tempest by Julie Cross

Jackson has recently discovered that he can travel in time. He is conducting tests with his friend Adam to see what is possible for him. So far, they have discovered that nothing he does in the past seems to affect the present and his body in the present sort of zones out while he is in the past. Things change, however, when time travelers from the future appear and attack Jackson, killing his girlfriend in the process. Jackson jumps away and finds that he is now permanently stuck two years in the past for some reason. He is now determined to protect his girlfriend at all costs but he has to find out more about his abilities and the people who are tracking him. People that might even include his father. This is an interesting book but I found myself really confused about what was happening when as well as the extent of Jackson's abilities. I'm also not sure if Jackson's decision at the end will actually solve the problem he faces but, of course, I can't go into that too much here....

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