Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Golden Ass of Lucius Apuleius by M.D. Usher

This is a teen-friendly telling of an ancient tale. A curious man, hoping to make his fortune by slightly dishonorable means, is accidentally turned in to a donkey. His adventures as an ass include working with a band of robbers, learning to eat hay, and helping collect donations with monks. He is stolen and sold. He works for masters both kind and nasty. But throughout it all he reports on his adventures with humor and clever placement of the word "ass" which will delight those students who read it. Although I enjoyed it (being a huge fan of folk literature), I don't think it's going to be wildly popular with my students. The cover makes it appear a little young for them. Still, teens do love a chance to use words like "ass" and "dam" in seemingly innocent ways.

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