Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Outlaw by Stephen Davies

Jake's father is the British ambassador to Burkina Faso. After Jake gets into trouble at school for participating in parkour-type activities, he is suspended and sent to Africa. During a fancy dinner, Jake and his sister Kas are kidnapped. Thanks to Jake's cell phone they are able to communicate for a short time with their parents and they learn that their kidnapper is the famous outlaw Yakuuba Sor. As their captivity drags on the kids learn that not everything or everyone is as it seems. People they thought were on their side might be the biggest villains of all. And what about Sor? Is he the evildoer they have been led to believe? The action and adventure in this book reminded me a lot of the Alex Rider series. While Jake has some special abilities he still rings true as a real teen who learns about his limits and has to challenge his belief system. A great choice for anyone who likes action and adventure.

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