Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

Will suffers from an intense fear.  He has been seeing a counselor but is making little progress.  His counselor suggests that he go with six other patients to a camp with a renowned counselor who has cured others in the past.  During his sessions, Will has managed to hack into his counselor's files and has heard recordings of the other teens who will be going along to be cured.  When they get to the remote location, Will hangs back and hides in the woods while the others enter Fort Eden.  After careful observation of the camp cook, Will sneaks into the building and finds an old bomb shelter in the basement.  His hideout also has several TV screens that allow him to see life around the camp, including what happens during the "cures" of the other teens...  This book kept me interested up until the end.  It was also quite creepy and suspenseful, something that is somewhat hard to find.  But the revelation of what is actually happening at Fort Eden had a lot of parts and I felt that some things were not clearly explained - at least to me.  Still, I'm happy to have a true horror novel to talk about with the kids at school.  And there is already a sequel in the works so that will also make them happy.