Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drink, Slay, Love by Sara Beth Durst

Pearl is a teenaged vampire.  She spends her nights sparring with her boyfriend Jadrien and drinking from her favorite snack, Brad.  But Pearl's life changes when she is attacked by a unicorn.  Pearl is surprised to find that she hasn't died after being staked by the unicorn's horn.  More surprises follow when she discovers that she can now be outside during the day without turning into a pile of dust.  When Pearl's vampire Family is chosen to host a ceremony for the reigning vampire king they decide that Pearl's new ability makes her the perfect person to secure a feast for the king and all the guests.  Now Pearl has to attend high school during the day and help prepare for the king's arrival at night.  As time goes on Pearl finds that the unicorn attack has resulted in other side effects as well and she begins to think about the humans at school as more than just food.  This is a fun book!  The vampires follow traditional vampire lore but Pearl's exploits keep it lighter as she navigates through school hierarchies and her new abilities.