Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Great Molasses Flood by Deborah Kops

This nonfiction book tells about an actual flood of molasses in Boston in 1919.  In January of that year a tank holding over two million gallons of molasses exploded.  The wave of molasses lifted houses off of their foundations, washed some people out to sea and drowned several others.  Pieces from the ruptured tank destroyed subway lines.  After the disaster the town tried to sort out who was responsible.  One theory was that the tank was poorly made by the company who put it together in a rush and the unseasonably warm weather caused the molasses to ferment resulting in an explosion.  The molasses company suggested that the tank had actually been bombed by anarchists.  A three year trial attempted to determine who was actually to blame. I like nonfiction because there's always something to learn.  Who knew there was a flood of molasses?  Although this book didn't capture me as much as some other nonfiction titles I've read, I still liked learning about this unusual disaster.  AND that the smell of molasses wasn't completely gone until 1995!