Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

Ever since her dad died Jill has been cutting herself off from everyone she knows, refusing all offers of support or help. Already on edge with her mother, Jill is furious to learn that her mom has agreed to adopt a baby from a girl she met online.  Jill's mom claims that this is something she and Jill's dad had planned to do before he died but Jill feels that she is acting rashly.  When the birth mother arrives, Jill is even more suspicious.  Mandy is obviously not telling the entire truth about her situation.  She has her own set of problems and her own reasons to leave her home behind.  Jill is trying to recapture who she was before her father's death and begins by making up with her ex-boyfriend.  But she also decides to have a new friend investigate Mandy's background.  This book is told in alternating chapters by Jill and Mandy.  Wow!  I could barely write that summary because I was so anxious to get to the part about how the book impacted me.  I liked the story all the way through and enjoyed seeing Jill growing from someone I didn't like at all into a person I could feel for.  But the last 30 pages packed a wallop!  I pretty much cried throughout but there were about five specific paragraphs that really got to me.  When I finished I just sat in the sun for about ten minutes reflecting on the book, then I went back and read the last 30 pages again because I wanted to recapture that sad, exquisite feeling.