Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zombie Tag by Hannah Moskowitz

Wil and his brother invented a game called zombie tag and Wil continues to play it as often as possible with his friends even though his brother died.  Wil has learned a bit about the last time there were zombies and he is certain that there is a way to raise them again.  He also feels certain that if he could bring his brother back to life, Graham wouldn't be bad and Wil and his parents could go back to to how things used to be.  When Wil finds the zombie bell at his best friend's house, he rings the bell and every dead person within five miles comes back to life.  But while Graham isn't evil, he also doesn't seem to be the Graham that Wil remembers.  Although this book seems like a sure-fire seller because of the zombie title and game, it really isn't much about zombies.  It's actually a story about dealing with grief and letting go.