Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blood by K. J. Wignall

William has been undead for seven hundred years.  He was bitten in the 1200s but he doesn't know who cursed him to his undead life.  He was left in a tomb filled with furnishings but no explanation of his powers or abilities.  When he wakes up from a 23 year hibernation period he finds a man to feed upon.  But after draining Jex of his blood, William finds that his victim had a notebook filled with prophecies that seem to be about him.  When he runs into Eloise on the street he wonders if she might be the girl mentioned in Jex's notebook - the one he might be destined to destroy.  As a number of demons and ghosts mount a series of attacks on William, Eloise helps him research his past and find answers about who has brought them together now.  William might at last discover his sire, if he isn't killed first.  A fine supernatural title that is fairly easy to follow - a nice change from the many books with twisty turny conspiracies.  The beginning of a series, Blood leaves a good number of questions unanswered.