Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Breaking Beautiful By Jennifer Shaw Wolf

Everyone tells Allie how lucky she is to have survived the car crash that killed her boyfriend Trip.  Allie can't remember anything from that night but she does know that she was lucky to have survived being Trip's girlfriend at all since he was abusing her.  She kept the abuse secret throughout their relationship and now that he's dead she doesn't feel as though it would be right to tell anyone.  But Allie's life is getting more complicated by the day.  She occasionally has flashes of memory about the dance she was attending with Trip on that last night.  A new detective has come to town to investigate the accident and he seems to think that the crash might not have been as accidental as everyone believes.  Trip's father is having Allie followed and she keeps finding notes in Trip's handwriting in her locker.  Breaking Beautiful is a good mystery and a realistic portrayal of a girl who has been abused.  Allie's relationship with her disabled brother is one of the strongest parts of the book simply because he is a fully fleshed out character which is not seen too often.  I found the book a little long and wish Allie had been able to talk to the police officer - who seemed to be on her side for much of the book - sooner.  But other than that, it was very enjoyable.