Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bulu, African Wonder Dog by Dick Houston

This is the true adventures of Bulu, a Jack Russell Terrier who lived with his owners in African bush country.  Anna and Steve Tolan were warned about trying to keep a dog in a country full of dangerous animals but they felt that Bulu was different as soon as they saw him.  Bulu soon proved himself adept at bonding with orphaned wild animals including warthogs, monkeys and a bushbuck.  The descriptions of Bulu and his adopted brothers and sisters are heartwarming but the dog also encountered lots of danger which is where the book lost me.  I think the reader is supposed to be amazed at how resilient Bulu is, bouncing back from parasitic infections, attacks by wild animals, near misses with crocodiles, and "treatment" by sketchy vets.  Instead, I was extremely annoyed by the fact that Bulu's parents continued to let him live in this obviously inhospitable place while asking how could they pen him in because Bulu will be Bulu.  Bulu is a good dog, his owners, not so great.