Friday, May 25, 2012

My Sister's Stalker by Nancy Springer

Rig's sister Kari has been too busy to even talk to him since she went off to college.  The siblings used to be close until their parents divorced and Kari went to live with their father who has always been very critical of Rig.  On a whim one day Rig decides to Google his sister to see what shows up.  In addition to the pages about her many accomplishments he finds a site that is named after her and contains tons of pictures of Kari.  As Rig investigates further he realizes that many of the pictures were taken from a distance and without Kari's knowledge.  Rig feels uneasy about the site but his always optimistic mom views it more as a secret admirer than a threat.  Trying to believe that's the case Rig puts it out of his mind for a few days.  But when he checks back he finds new pictures of Kari in her bedroom, sleeping.  Rig goes to his father who takes immediate action, flying Rig and himself to the college to ensure Kari's safety.  But events are already in motion that endanger all the members of the family.  I like Springer's books because they have a lot of action and story in a very short package.  This one is only 128 pages.  The downside is that sometimes the speed with which everything happens strains believability and that was the problem with this title in some places.  Still, it has more depth than many other books supposedly designed for "reluctant readers".  Enjoyable, if not astounding.