Monday, May 7, 2012

Reasons to be Happy by Katrina Kittle

After Hannah's beloved mother dies of cancer Hannah finds herself reeling.  She is the daughter of two famous actors who are as well-known for their good looks as their acting ability.  Next to them, Hannah feels like an ugly duckling.  She is also starting at a new school where she is immediately taken in by the most popular - but also most critical - clique.  Before her new life in Hollywood and her mother's death, Hannah kept a running list of reasons to be happy but she hasn't found anything to add to it recently.  Desparate to find a way to take control of her life, Hannah becomes bulimic.  At first she feels better but she soon finds herself stealing food and sinking deeper into depression.  The only person who seems to notice is her aunt, an anorexia survivor.  I'm sure this book will be fairly popular because of the subject.  The descriptions of Hannah's bulimia are unflinching and her thought process is also well done, although sick.  My problem with the book was the treatment of her eventual cure.  She sees a counselor for about a week then goes to Africa with her aunt where she learns what suffering really is.  Perspective is good but I found all of that  part unrealistic.