Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Titanic: Unsinkable by Gordon Korman

The first book in a trilogy, this title spends most of its time introducing us to the main characters who are sailing on the Titanic.  Paddy is a stowaway escaping an Irish mobster who has killed his best friend.  Sophie is an American returning home with her outspoken mother.  Alfie is a boy who has taken a job on board ship just to be closer to his father who also works there.  And Juliana is a rich British girl, embarassed by her spoiled father.  This chapter in the trilogy ends just as the ship is heading into the Atlantic towards its doom.  As with most books by Korman this one is fine with a good deal of action and not as much depth.  But given the subject of this one and the easiness of it, I think it will be popular.  My only complaint about it is that establishing the characters is a bit confusing, especially for the more reluctant readers who might be interested in the title.  Once you have worked out who everyone is the story moves along more quickly.  And the big twist with Paddy's story right at the end will keep teens reading.