Monday, June 11, 2012

Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

Caitlin is a paranormal - a person who has unusual abilities.  In Caitlin's case, she can read minds even if people are long distances away.  Since Paras are hunted and imprisoned by the government, Caitlin and her mom are constantly on the run.  When they reach their latest town they decide to hide in plain sight and Caitlin enrolls in the local high school.  There, she meets two people one of whom becomes a close friend and the other, a boyfriend.  She also finally meets a Para with whom she has been communicating for years and discovers that they have a much closer relationship than she ever imagined.  Although Caitlin can feel the government closing in on her she doesn't want to leave her new home and friends.  When she discovers the plan that some people are working on, she knows that she's the only one who can help.  An interesting dystopia but too much convoluted description of the para fighting towards the end.  I also found it hard to believe how quickly some people were able to change their opinions.