Monday, June 11, 2012

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Mira lives with two aunts since the deaths of her parents when she was a baby.  Although she loves her aunts, she still longs for the parents she never knew.  A week before her sixteenth birthday she decides to run away and find their graves in the town of Beau Rivage.  What she finds there is a world she never knew existed.  Many of the town's inhabitants have been cursed by fairies and are destined to enact parts of fairy tales.  Viv carries the Snow White mark and has a tumultuous relationship with the man who is destined to carry out the role of the huntsman sometime in her future.  Rafe is an obnoxious boy who will someday become a beast.  Mira knows that handsome, charming Felix and his annoying brother Blue also have marks but no one will tell her what they mean.  All she knows is that everyone warns her to stay away from Felix even though she thinks she is falling in love with him.  She has also learned that she is marked by a Sleeping Beauty curse and unless she can figure out what sharp item will cause her to fall asleep, she has no control over her own future.  This is a really well done story weaving fairy tales into modern life along with a doomed romance.