Monday, June 11, 2012

Living Violet by Jaime Reed

Samara is looking forward to a relaxing summer interrupted only by her job at a bookstore.  Her peaceful summer is disrupted when she notices that women who date co-worker Caleb seem to end up in the hospital with heart attacks.  Caleb has always been full of himself, collecting quarters from women who ask about his startling violet eyes.  Now he has turned his attention to Samara, saying that she sees the "real" him.  Samara soon discovers that Caleb is a Cambion, a human who hosts a demon.  Caleb's demon requires human life force to survive and takes what it needs when Caleb kisses a woman.  Samara seems to be immune to the demon's draw which has Caleb intriqued.  With help from another Cambion, Caleb learns how to draw just a little energy from the people around him while Samara finds herself falling in love with him.  New troubles arrive, however, when Samara's mom goes on a date and ends up in the hospital with heart problems and obsessed with the man who put her there.  This book just left me cold.  The writing is uneven - does Nadine have an accent or not?  I was surprised when she was suddenly speaking like a foreigner halfway through the story.  And the story of the Cambion and how much it interacts with the host was unclear to me.