Monday, June 11, 2012

Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist

Callie is entering middle school and things aren't going very well for her.  She has frizzy hair and lots of freckles.  Callie signed up for drama even though she didn't want to act in order to be with her best friend but Ellen is much more outgoing and has begun hanging out with new girl Stacy.  And if it's not bad enough that now Callie has to wear glasses, the pair she chose aren't available right away and she's given a huge pair with a thick, black frame as loaners.  But when Callie puts on the glasses she notices that windows open up next to people and show their thoughts.  This is helpful in some cases like when she's not paying attention in class but can still give the correct answer because the teacher is thinking it.  But Callie also learns some less fun things like that people think she's stuck up because she doesn't talk to them.  Callie has to learn to use the glasses wisely to solve the problems she is facing at school and at home.  This is a light, but cute book about growing up.  Callie starts out fairly obsessed with herself but comes to realize that others are hiding things as well.