Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blue by Deborah Ellis

Jess and her best friend Casey have just spent the summer as counselors at a local camp.  During their last session they had bratty 8 year old Stephanie in their cabin.  Stephanie made everyone's lives miserable with her stealing and hiding.  When Stephanie is murdered on the last day of camp and her shirt shows up in Casey's clothing, Casey is arrested for the crime.  Jess is stunned, especially by how quickly the rest of the town turns against Casey and believes in her guilt.  But while Jess is unhappy, she can't bring herself to speak up for Casey either, unlike her mom who is yelling at everyone while she slips into her recurring mental illness.  This is an amazing book that pulls you slowly into Jess's mind.  It wasn't until fairly far into the book that I was struck by Jess's character.  It's difficult to describe without giving away too much because the joy for me was when I realized what the author was doing and began to squirm a bit in reading Jess's words.  Read it!