Monday, June 11, 2012

Water Balloon by Audrey Vernick

Since her parents have separated Marley now has to spend the summer at her father's house while her mother travels.  Her father's house doesn't feel like home and he doesn't have an internet connection so she can't even check her Facebook.  He seems to expect Marley to help him unload boxes and do chores around the house.  Worst of all, he has lined up a job for Marley babysitting twin girls every day.  Marley is looking forward to seeing her two best friends Jane and Leah.  Each year the girls play Monopoly with their own made up rules.  And ever since the original surprise water balloon blitz many years before, the three friends compete to see who can top the others with the best surprise water balloon fight each summer.  Marley's two friends are both in drama camp and don't have much time to visit and when they finally do come, things seem strained.  The friendship deteriorates even more after Marley springs the water balloon fight on them during a party.  The only upside to her summer so far is cute next door neighbor Jack.  This is a warm growing up story with which many people can identify.  Marley has to figure out what's important and what makes a true friend, both painful lessons.