Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a cyborg and an amazing mechanic.  She was adopted several years before by a man who died shortly thereafter from the plague that is sweeping throughout the world.  Now Cinder lives with her stepmother who hates her and her two stepsisters.  Hearing of her skills as a mechanic Prince Kai brings his broken android to Cinder for repair.  The prince is immediately drawn to Cinder but she tries to downplay her interest, sure that he would reject her if he knew the truth about her.  The prince has more issues to handle when his father contracts the plague and the controlling queen of the moon people threatens war unless the prince agrees to form an alliance by marrying her.  When Cinder's beloved stepsister Peony falls ill with the plague, her stepmother blames Cinder and "volunteers" her for experiments being conducted to find a cure.  All volunteers for the research die quickly after being injected with the plague but surprisingly, Cinder's cells defeat the virus in a matter of minutes.  Cinder finds herself at the center of interplanetary intrique as she questions who she really is and how she can help save her sister.  This book started just a bit slow and ended on a huge cliffhanger - which I HATE because I think the story could've been wrapped up.  But despite those problems, the action throughout was fast paced and many storylines were intertwined very well.  The huge surprise about who Cinder is wasn't really a surprise to me but it was satisfying nonetheless.