Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shift by Em Bailey

Olive used to be the most popular girl in school until her parents separated and she tried to commit suicide.  Now she is back as an outcast with only her new best friend Ami to keep her company.  When new girl Miranda shows up Ami and Olive are fascinated with her. Miranda blends into the background in every way but soon begins copying everything about Olive's former best friend Katie.  Before too long, Miranda is the most popular girl and Katie seems to be fading away. Olive and Ami begin to believe that Miranda might be a shapeshifter who feeds off of the energy of others while taking over their lives.  Although she is warned to stay away from Miranda, Olive can't help but keep investigating until Katie dies and Olive learns a secret she has been keeping even from herself.  Unsure of her own sanity, Olive questions her initial feelings about Miranda and finds herself being slowly drawn into Miranda's world.  I liked the premise of this book but I'm not sure about how it all played out.  I wish the shapeshifter story had been made more explicit and I was sad when I found out Olive's "secret she was keeping from herself", although that did make for an unexpected twist in the story.