Saturday, July 28, 2012

Starters by Lissa Price

Callie and her brother live on the streets.  After the virus wiped out everyone except for the young and the very old, children have nowhere to go unless they have grandparents who are willing to claim them.  With Tyler sick all the time, Callie has no way to earn money other than to go to Prime Destinations.  The company allows old people - enders - to rent and inhabit young bodies for short periods of time.  Prime Destinations gives Callie an extensive makeover and then hooks her up to the machine that allows for the transfer.  When she wakes up a few days later she has no memory of what the ender did with her body while she was asleep.  But during her third rental Callie suddenly wakes up in a club where her renter has been partying.  Obviously, something has gone wrong and Callie is unsure about what to do.  She quickly discovers that her renter has planned to do something other than just have a good time but Callie doesn't know how to stop her from ruining her life.  This is a unique story full of twists and turns which makes it read very fast.  Lots of fun but a bit creepy at the end if I'm understanding who all is renting and being rented.