Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Summer I Learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt

Drew spends her day's working in her mother's upscale cheese shop adoring older surfer dude Nick as he makes pasta in the front window of the store.  Each day her mother puts out the foods that can't be sold anymore and they are gone in the morning.  When Drew loses track of her beloved pet rat she carries with her everywhere, she returns to the shop at night.  Along with her rat, she finds Emmett Crane at the dumpster.  Emmett appreciates cheese and pasta and knows a lot about rats.  Emmett and Drew begin meeting more often but Emmett is mysterious in some ways.  Drew discovers that her mother is also keeping a secret - she is going on dates with someone in a silver car on the nights she claims to be working late at the cheese shop.  When Drew finally uncovers Emmett's secret, she decides it is time for her to take a leap of faith with him.  This story was obviously meant to be deep and moving.  I liked the notebook of lists from her father but the rest of the story felt as though it was trying too hard to me.  Given how devastated Emmett was from his father's departure, I had a hard time being on board with his vision which caused him to leave home as well.