Friday, July 27, 2012

Waiting by Carol Lynch Williams

London and her brother Zach were as close as twins.  They traveled the world with their missionary parents and became best friends in the process.  But after the family decided to settle in one place something happened that caused Zach to kill himself.  Since his death, London and her parents have been torn apart.  Her father has retreated into his faith to keep going while her mother blames London for Zach's death and refuses to talk to her at all.  London herself is barely hanging on.  She is brought out of her isolation a bit by the arrival of very cute boy Jesse and his sister.  Drawn to Jesse, London is torn when her ex-boyfriend Taylor wants to begin dating again.  But has Zach's death and the problems he left behind left her too damaged to resume a normal life ever again?  This is an emotional story with several layers that are revealed as the book progresses.