Monday, August 20, 2012

Ghetto Cowboy by Greg Neri

Cole's mom is fed up with him after he skips school, again.  Feeling like she has failed to steer him correctly she decides to take him from Detroit to Philadelphia so he can live with his father.  Cole is shocked by his mom's sudden decision but he is even more stunned when he meets his father for the first time.  His dad is an urban cowboy running a stable in rowhouses in the midst of the ghetto.  Cole has little interest in bonding with his dad but he does begin to take care of a difficult horse.  But despite the good the stables are doing for kids in the bad neighborhood, some people want to shut them down. And when a news report shows things at their worst, Cole is motivated to help out.  This fictional story is based on the real stables found in inner cities.  Unfortunately, that shows in the quality of the story.  The book feels as though the author was inspired by the real story (which is inspiring, to be sure) and then tried to throw together a novel around that.