Wednesday, August 1, 2012

May B. by Caroline Starr Rose

12 year old May is sent to help a young wife with her sod house and homestead on the Kansas prairie.  May doesn't want to be 15 long miles away from home but her parents need the money she will earn.  Within a few days of being dropped off at the new house the wife runs away to return to her home back east and the husband goes after her.  When the couple doesn't return after several days May figures out that she is on her own with no one coming to get her until Christmas.  She must find her own food and keep herself safe in the house for four months with wolves circling around and blizzards snowing her in.  This novel is fine but not compelling.  The danger May is in is not expressed in a way that draws the reader in.  Furthermore, May is struggling with dyslexia but that issue just seems to be thrown in on top of the plot.