Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now is the Time for Running by Michael Williams

Deo spends his days playing soccer until the day the soldiers came to his small African village.  Claiming that people in the town didn't vote right in the last election they murder everyone with Deo and his mentally disabled brother Innocent barely escaping.  The two brothers have to flee for their lives but find that nowhere is safe in their country.  With some help they are able to survive an extremely dangerous trip across the border into South Africa.  But life in South Africa isn't much better for the two boys who find themselves looked down upon as foreigners and job stealers.  This story is based on the real life event of the homeless soccer world cup.  The events that happen to Deo and Innocent are shocking and tragic but the story didn't pull me in as others like this have done.  For another story of African refugees I prefered A Long Walk to Water