Monday, August 20, 2012

Shine by Lauren Myracle

Cat's former best friend Patrick was beaten and had a gas nozzle shoved in his mouth in a hate crime  because he is gay.  Although Cat hasn't maintained her friendship with Patrick for the past couple of years because of her own demons, she now feels that she needs to discover who is responsible for his attack.  But Cat and Patrick live in a small town and before long everyone knows what she is doing and someone isn't happy about it.  When she begins Cat feels certain she knows who is responsible for the crime but as her investigation progresses she finds that there are many secrets her friends have been able to keep from her.  This is a good mystery with a definite southern novel-feel to it.  I wasn't as caught up in the story as I expected to be and although I know it might be included to add to the hatefulness of the town, I was unhappy with how often "faggot" or other homophobic slurs were used.  This is especially true with the character of Robert, in my opinion.  Still, a good story with much to think about.