Monday, August 20, 2012

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Elisa is the chosen one.  She has a godstone in her navel that was sent to her when she was born.  Elisa knows that the godstone means she is destined to perform some great service someday but at 16 she can't imagine what that will be.  She has just been married to the king of a neighboring country to form an alliance.  When they arrive in her new country her husband asks her to keep their marriage a secret for a time.  Before long she sees that her new husband is unable to make a decision and seems to be in no hurry to announce their marriage nor to give up his mistress.  Elisa herself is unsure what to do or whom to trust when she finds out that her nurse is actually a member of a group dedicated to protecting the godstone.  When Elisa is kidnapped by a small faction hoping to use her in some way for their cause she has to become stronger than she imagined she could be to help protect them as well as her entire kingdom.  This is a fantastic high fantasy.  Elisa is a believable character who starts the book feeling unworthy and unattractive.  She digs deep to find the strength to lead others and claim what is rightfully hers.  The action and intrigue are strong throughout the book as well as many discussable points about what is actually God's will.